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Limited to 6,500 entries, Eligible products from $35 below! 

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Ultimate Ceramic Coating Kit


  • Our Ultimate Protection
  • ​Protects against UV, Chemical attack and makes your care super easy to clean!
  • 50 cc of DESTINY Ceramic Coating
  • 500ml of Auto Exotica Prep
  • ​Cloths and applicators
  • 500ml of Showroom, our best selling spray on top-up coating
  • ​​10% off Laborde Motorsport Tuning Packages

Goldarrow DA Polisher

$509 inc Delivery

  •  Dual Action Polisher
  • ​1 x Bottle of fine and heavy polishing compounds
  • ​1 x heavy, medium and fine polishing pads
  • Large throw, 1.8k - 4.6k OPM for quick paint correction
  • Carry Bag
  • ​​10% off Laborde Motorsport Tuning Packages

Auto Exotica Shop Shirt

$110 inc Delivery

The Prize!

Classic Americana

  • 300 BHP Iconic Chevy V8
  • 1967: A Classic, Gorgeous Camaro
  • Monster Sound
  • ​3 speed Auto
The Year is 1967 and you want an all-American Sports car. Chances are you're eying up the Corvette but wondering where you will let your kids sit. Enter the Camaro, Chevrolet's answer to the Pony.

In SS Guise, the Camaro featured a 350 V8 putting out 295 Horsepower through a three-speed automatic to the rear wheels. The Camaro has become an American Icon and as they appreciate, they become ever harder to find in good condition. This Camaro sounds absolutely hellish. Paired with the menacing hide-away headlights and enhanced handling over the base Camaro, it is simply a garage Icon.

We're proud, super excited and at the same time sad to be offering this ride to our club members, join above for as little as a one-time $35 cost to be in with the chance to have this muscle car delivered to your door! 

Making a Difference & Giving Back
Proudly Supporting Variety – the Children’s Charity of WA

Read more about the work of Variety - WA at

Part of why we started Auto Exotica was because of the universal Joy that cars can bring to people's lives! The feeling of having dreams come true and the smile that they often put on the faces of kids and us big kids alike.

We want to extend that and not only have someone's dream come true by winning each giveaway but to also help young people in Australia to dream too.

With that in mind, we undertake to donate 30% of the proceeds in this promotional campaign to support the great work of Variety - the Children's Charity of WA.

Variety – the Children’s Charity of WA supports kids and families who are facing many challenges through sickness, disadvantage or living with disability.

Their work allows kids to gain mobility, to get out and about in the community, to communicate, achieve independence and increase their self-esteem. They make sure the kids who miss out, can always join in which is a mission that as both parents and big kids ourselves, we're excited to support!

Jay Williams, Director


Is this a raffle?
No, this is strictly a trade promotion. Auto Exotica have been Perth based since 2015 and we are currently undergoing a refurbishment and new product line rollout. So we are conducting a trade promotion to promote our brand awareness, increase our audience and get more people trying our awesome products! This promotion is compliant to the Gaming and Wagering Commission Act 1987 Section 102. 
If I purchase multiple packages, how do the discounts work?
Only one membership can be active at a time and each membership runs for a month, So if you purchase multiple packages, the highest package will be used for your first month, and your lowest discount for subsequent months. EG if you buy a platinum package and later purchase a gold package, you will get 25% off in month one, and 20% off in Month two. 
Who Can Enter the Draw?
This Draw is open to WA residents only who purchase an eligible package or product above!
When will the prize be drawn?
The Trade Promotion will run until 1st April 2022 - or until all entries are filled. If all entries are filled, the draw will occur within one week!
Where will the draw be?
The draw will be at a live event at our Welshpool showroom - which you are of course welcome to come to! If you are keen to attend please shoot us a message, otherwise we will make a random selection (Of course for safety reasons we have a limited capacity. We will of course Live Stream the draw on our Facebook and Instagram pages.
Who Pays for transfer & duty? 
Auto Exotica will pay for the the transfer of the vehicle and 12 months rego.
Is a cash alternative available?
No, a cash alternative is not available for this draw - but we would be happy to assist the winner with selling the vechile at no further charge should they not wish to keep it.
How Many Entrants will there be?
The promotion is limited to the 6,500 customers who buy an eligible product.
Can I buy multiple packages and will I get multiple entries?
You can - each individual package will extend your membership by one month. Each purchase will grant you the relevant entries into the draw that is open at the time of purchase. 
How Can I Contact you for more information?
We can be contacted on 0861150115 or infinity@autoexotica.com.au! 
Are packages tax deductible?
Yes, purchasing our discount packages and products are tax deductible if purchasing as a business.
Will I get ticket numbers?
No, we don't issue numbers for the draw, instead our third party printer will print an entry card for each entry that each person has. These are placed in the barrel for the draw. 

Who are Auto Exotica ?

Your Freidnly Neighbourhood car addicts!
Cars are our passion and addiction.

Established in 2015, Auto Exotica is based in Welshpool,  a stone's throw from Perth Airport where we Buy, Sell, Hire, Detail and Protect all things cars as well as sell our range of car care products.

Be sure to shoot us a message or book to pop in to say hi!
  • ​​Ceramic Coating
  • ​Detailing
  • ​Sales and Consignments
  • ​Sourcing
  • ​Car Hire

50 100 Entries


  • Services: 35% off Detailing Services
  • Products: 35% off Auto Exotica Detailing Products
  • Win: Go into the draw!
  • Drive: 55 % off Club Roadside Assistance Cover
  • ​​10% off Laborde Motorsport Tuning Packages
  • ​10% off Grip Shift Media Car Video Shoot Packages

1 2 Entries


  • Services: 10% off Detailing Services
  • Products: 10% off Detailing Products
  • Win: Go into the draw!
  • List: 10 % off Club Roadside Assistance Cover
  • ​10% off Laborde Motorsport Tuning Packages
  • ​​10% off Grip Shift Media Car Video Shoot Packages

5 10 Entries


  • Services: 20% off Detailing Services
  • Products: 20% off Detailing Products
  • Win: Go into the draw!
  • List: 20 % off Club Roadside Assistance Cover
  • ​​10% off Laborde Motorsport Tuning Packages
  • ​​10% off Grip Shift Media Car Video Shoot Packages

15 30 Entries


  • Services: 25% off Detailing Services
  • Products: 25% off Detailing Products
  • Win: Go into the draw!
  • ​Drive: 25 % off Club Roadside Assistance Cover
  • ​​10% off Laborde Motorsport Tuning Packages
  • ​​10% off Grip Shift Media Car Video Shoot Packages
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